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------------- Godless by Renee Phoenix I Am Renee Phoenix Publishing Martell AVP http://www.martellstudios.com

Management: Jeff Blue at Jeff Blue Music jeff@jeffbluemusic.com 310-283-8526 ------------- PINKFLYMUSIC.COM LYRICS: It's just a common reaction to a deadly attraction to things that I can't control A point of view lead askew by the few that I trusted, since, I do not speak to I know I tend to lose myself with things that bring me hell, but I can't help it I know I lost myself Is this the reaction that you want? Does it give you all you need? Help me I'm broken I'm helpless I'm godless And when I hate myself, you're there Oh do you even really care? With every sin I feel you there Oh do you really, really, really care? Care Help me I'm broken I'm helpless I'm godless

The Wall

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